Sit back, relax and indulge in luxury. Your C&G Luxury Candles instructor will unlock your creativity, helping you through each step of the process – from choosing your scent to posing for your picture for your custom vessel label.

Join our Fun and Exciting Candle Making Classes

Unleash Your Creativity:
Embark on the most exciting Journey with our special Candle making classes. Look no further than our fun and exciting candle making classes! Step into a world of uniqueness as we guide you through the art of crafting beautiful, aromatic candles that will fill your heart with warmth and peace.

Let’s explore the Candle Universe together.…

Our candle making classes are more than just an educational experience for our honorable guests. We believe in filling joy and excitement into every moment. We always ensure that you not only learn the techniques but also have a blast while doing so. Our expert instructors are passionate about soy wax candle making procedures and eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

As you walk through our studio doors, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter and inspiration. We create a welcoming environment where our guests can let their creativity run wild and connect with fellow candle enthusiasts who share your passion. It’s a chance to make new friends, exchange ideas and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Candle Making Experience

Includes The Following:

For an hour, a qualified C&G Instructor will guide you through the candle making experience. Our professional instructors cater to all skill levels, whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience under your belt. We'll start with the basics, guiding you through the different types of wax, wicks and fragrances available. The guests will be able to work with wax melter for candle making. You'll learn about the art of remarkable scent blending, discovering how to create unique combinations that transport you to different worlds with every breath.

Each guest will make 1 16oz candle.

Cost: $60/per person (Plus tax).

Reserved seating for 1 hour.

Light snacks are allowed. (Plates, glassware, and utensils provided).

Don’t worry. Here comes the best part.
Our classes are hands-on, allowing you to dive right into the candle making process. You'll get to experience the joy of melting wax, selecting the perfect fragrance, and pouring it into molds or containers of your choice. Our expert instructors will be there to guide you every step of the way providing tips and tricks to help you achieve stunning results.

And let's not forget the lovely aromas that will fill your heart as you light your handcrafted candles. Imagine the soothing scents of lavender, fragrance oils for candles, the refreshing notes of citrus or the cozy embrace of vanilla enveloping your senses. Each time you light your candle, you'll be floating to a world of calmness and paradise. Join us for our fun and exciting candle making classes and unlock your inner artist. Click here to Signup for our candle making classes today!
How to

Make A Reservation:

Select a time and date that you would like to come.
Our experience hosts a maximum of 10 guests per reservation. For larger groups, please see our Group Events booking tab.

  • If you are sitting with another guest and/or celebrating a special occasion, please let us know!
  • Complete your payment and get ready to unlock your creativity!

All reservations will be for 1 hour. The candle making will roughly take around 45 minutes, but we allot additional time for your group to truly enjoy the experience and for your candle to cool. You will be able to walk out the door with your completed candles!

Our experience hosts a maximum of 10 guests per reservation.

For larger groups, please email us at!

Looking for a unique night out?


Celebrate a birthday, bridal shower, corporate event, or just a Girls Night Out in our Private Party Room! For group events, there is a 10 person minimum and can hold up to 16 guests. If your party is 16+, email us at to discuss additional options!

Create everlasting memories with our Group Candle Making Events!

Looking for a unique and engaging activity for your next group event?

Look no further! Our group events are the perfect blend of fun, creativity and bonding. It is guaranteed to leave an everlasting impression on everyone involved. Whether you’re planning a corporate team-building outing, a birthday celebration or a social gathering with friends, our events offer the best kind of experience that will have everyone talking long after the candles have been lit. The exotic chandeliers of our studio will make your group events a luxury one.

What sets our group events apart is the sense of camaraderie and shared atmosphere that they foster. As your group gathers in our welcoming studio, you’ll immediately feel the excitement and anticipation in the air.

For your Corporate Event

Group Event Package Includes:

For 1:30h a Qualified Instructor guides you and you teammates through the candle making experience.

Our events are designed to cater to participants of all skill levels. Whether you have a group of seasoned candle makers or individuals who have never tried their hand at the craft. Our instructors will provide clear steps and helpful tips to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident throughout the event. You’ll get to experience how the power of teamwork can elevate the final outcome, as ideas are shared, and each person bestows their unique touch to the candles being created.

Our group events are more than just a creative activity—there are opportunities for connection and bonding. As you engage in the candle making process with marvelous Coconut wax and paraffin wax, you’ll engage in lively conversations, share laughter, and create memorable moments that will nourish the relationships within your group. It’s a chance to deepen connections, build trust, and discover new facets of each other’s personalities.

The studio ambiance, with its flickering scents of soy wax, fragrance oils, coconut wax, paraffin wax, candlelight and enchanting fragrances, sets the stage for an unforgettable gathering. You’ll be covered in a peaceful atmosphere, where stress melts away, and a sense of relaxation takes hold. It’s a chance to step away from the boredom of everyday life and simply enjoy the present moment with your group.

At the end of our candle making events, each participant will have their own handcrafted candle to take home—a concrete reminder of the shared experience and the creativity that blossomed within your group. And whenever they light that candle in the future, it will serve as a meaningful connection to the special moments you shared together.

So, why settle for a conventional group activity when you can embark on a truly charming and memorable adventure with our candle making events? Get ready to bond, create, and illuminate your group’s journey. Contact us today to book your group event and let the magic of candle making bring your group closer together.

How to

Make A Group Event Reservation:

Click the “Reservation” button under the Private Party tab Select a date and time that works with your group from the calendar.

Each guest makes 1 16oz candles (this is for one person only – cannot be split for 2 guests)

Reserved Seating for 120 minutes Dedicated team of instructors from C&G Luxury Candles

We require a $200 deposit to secure the date, and the final balance is due 14 days prior to your event

For group sizes between 10 guests+, your event is reserved for 2 hours.

    • Select the number of participants in your party. Please note, there is a minimum of 10 guests, so all parties with less than 10 will be rejected and should look into making a reservation in our Luxury Candle Making Experience!
    • The final headcount can change up to 14 days prior to your event. Submit the $200 deposit to reserve your date. No party times will be held until the deposit is paid. The final balance will be due 14 days before the event, and there are no split or separate payments. Make sure you receive a confirmation email to confirm your party.
    • Get ready to enjoy an incredible candle making experience! If you are interested in booking a Private Party within the next 5 days, please email us at