Candle Fire Safety Tips

Here is Candle Fire Safety Tips

Candles are a pivotal fragment of home decorations, specially scented candles can be the cherry on the top for any holiday events. Celebrating Christmas or Halloween even just enjoying the late fall unaccompanied by candle decorations is something candle enthusiasts can’t imagine, it’s not less than any offense to them. Though candles can easily mesmerize anyone with their ethereal beauty yet they are also an origin of open fire and can easily unfurl if comes in exposure with anything burnable. A study conducted by NFPA shows that, most of the candle fire accidents occur due to not keeping an eye on a lit candle and forgetting about it later on. That’s why understanding the dangers of candle burning and advice on avoiding such unfortunate incidents are important. To help you with that we’ll discuss the risks of candle fire and share a few life-saving tips on how to avoid the dangers of candle fire. 

Understanding The Risks Of Candle Fire

If you think candle fire risks are not that common, you will be shocked to know that a research by NFPA  shows that about 2% of home fires are caused by burning candles. One of the main reasons for these fires is leaving candles unattended. This number might seem very minor but the chances of this happening is never zero. That’s why you should always follow some safety protocols when burning a candle. 

Create A Safe Environment For Candle Burning 

Candles tend to burn faster in rooms with high temperatures, causing excessive drips of hot wax and which can result in fire, that’s why consistent temperature is necessary. Air conditioner operated rooms are well suited for candles hence, choosing a well-ventilated  room for candle burning will be beneficial.

While A Candle Is Burning

  • Using a candle holder can put a stop to risks of candle fires. Candles are usually available in different sizes and shapes that’s why you can go for a strong and large candle holder, it can prevent the wax from melting down( because melted wax can cause uncontrollable fire)
  • When you burn a candle the wax on the surface melts and turns into liquid. If you don’t let the surface to melt precisely it’ll drive the hot wax to trickle down creating dark hot blemishes on your furniture. In order to avoid that scenario you should give enough time for your candles to burn ( highest of 4 hours)
  • In most cases candle users love to burn a candle when they’re trying to get cozy or taking a soothing bath and it is vital to note that any type of flammable object should be kept away from a burning candle such as curtains, wooden decorations, books etc. 

Don’t Leave A Candle Unattended 

Though it might be irresistible to drowse off while enjoying a candle burn, it is advised to avoid leaving a burning candle without supervision. Children and pets should not get in contact with a burning candle since it’s easy to knock over, it can start a fire unfolding a bigger disaster. After blowing out the flame of a candle you need to wait until the liquefied wax cools down properly or else that hot wax can spill on your hands and cause severe burns (depending on the amount). If you notice uncontrollable flame or immoderate dripping it’s better to blow out the flame and give the candle some rest without moving it.   

How To Extinguish A Candle 

Blowing out a candle might seem like the common way to blow out the fire, but using your breath can actually damage the wax hence creating potential fire hazards. Luckily, there are three safer ways to blow out a candle without causing damage 

  • Snuffer 

This object is designed to blow the flame out without spilling any wax. Snuffer has a big bell-like head which goes on the flame and covers the flame. The bell is connected to a long stick which is also the snuffer’s main body, you need to hold the stick in order to operate the snuffer’s bell-head. 

  • Dipping the wick in wax

 In this method you need to twist the wick and dip it into the melted wax, the wax will help the fire to extinguish but this process is a bit complex because without enough experience the wax might spill on your hand hence resulting in burn scars.  

  • Using your fingers 

Use two of your fingers to press the flame from both sides and at the same time mildly blow air from your mouth and will be able to stop your candle from emitting flames.

Does The Quality Of Candles Have An Influence On Candle Fires?

Yes, the quality of wax deeply influences the candle fire. There are mainly 4 types of candle wax, these are Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, Palm Wax and Beeswax.

Paraffin Wax is made from petroleum, that’s why this wax is cheaper than other waxes but good in quality.

Pam oil serves as the key ingredient in Palm Wax. Wax made from palm oil is classified as all natural but unfortunately production of palm oil is responsible for destruction of forest lands. 

Soy Wax is made from soybeans. This is the 2nd most used wax for making candles. Buyers generally like the quality of this wax, it’s also 100% natural and toxin free so that also makes it environment friendly

Beeswax  is made from bee hives,it doesn’t harm the bees or ruin their colony but it’s still not considered cruelty free by certain vegans.

Candles made from low quality wax burn rapidly, that’s why it creates more fumes and blemishes that can result in fire hazards. That’s why the majority of candle lovers prefer Soy wax and Beeswax because they are high in quality and suitable for long burnings. You can make candles at home if you want

General Maintenance For Safe Candle Usage

Certain candles come with a container and a lid and some don’t. If a candle is being used for its aroma and warmth then buying candles with containers would be a more practical choice. This way you can re-use the lid by putting it back on after enjoying the candle, this hack will make sure your candle is spotless and also help you lessen fire risks (because some people  use their reusable candle lids to put the flame out) Candles can become a sweet fragment of your life if you learn to use them appropriately. Little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. That’s why you can invest some energy in conducting a little research before lighting up a candle and we hope this article makes it easier for you. By following the protocols mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy candle burning, without fretting about fire menaces. 

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